Public Notices


Robbinsdale Area Schools is applying for a 21st Century Grant. This federal grant is due June 1, 2017. Please direct any inquiries about the proposed grant to Kristine Wehrkamp, Executive Director of Community Education.


Minnesota school districts are annually required to inform residents and employees of the presence of asbestos-containing materials in their buildings.  All Robbinsdale Area School buildings have been inspected for asbestos under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1986. Some asbestos-containing building materials were found in every building.  A management plan has been submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education and is available at each school. A complete report for all district facilities is on file in the district’s Buildings & Grounds Office.  Asbestos-containing materials were commonly used in past years in commercial buildings as a fire retardant. In schools, asbestos was typically found in floor tile, ceiling tile, insulation and wraps of pipes and boilers.  Such materials post a potential for asbestos fiber release only if the asbestos containing materials are disturbed in some way. Exposure to airborne asbestos has been found to relate to several forms of cancer.  Nearly all materials in district buildings identified as containing asbestos have been removed with the completion of renovation projects in recent years. Those remaining are monitored for change or damage. Buildings are re-inspected by a certified asbestos inspector every three years and internally every 6 months. For more information about asbestos containment, contact the Buildings & Grounds department at 763-504-8138.



The Parent’s Right to Know Law requires school districts to inform parents and employees about the use of pest control materials.  Robbinsdale Area Schools utilizes licensed, professional service firms for the prevention and control of insects and rodents inside buildings while trained staff members prevent and control weeds on school grounds. All materials used are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are selected and applied according to label directions. The long-term health effects on children from the application of pest control materials, or the class of materials to which they belong, may not be full understood.  An estimated schedule of interior pest control inspections, and possible

treatments is available for review at each school’s office. A similar schedule is available regarding herbicides and other materials applied to school grounds.  Parents may request to receive, at their expense, prior notification of any application of a pest control material should such an application be deemed necessary on a day different from those specified in the schedule.  For more information about the use of pest control materials, contact your school principal or the Buildings & Grounds department at 763-504-8138.


Robbinsdale Area Schools has created a policy to proactively manage building operations, cleaning and maintenance that affect indoor air quality and the health of building occupants.  The district maintains a preventive maintenance program to monitor HVAC systems and the building envelope for signs of water intrusion.  Cleaning chemicals are reviewed for effectiveness and minimum toxicity and fragrance.  The district also has a process for submitting and investigating concerns about indoor air quality – temperature, humidity, odors, etc.  Parents can obtain information about school facility construction, maintenance and housekeeping practices, chemicals used, mold and HVAC related information, pesticides and herbicides, animals in schools and the like to determine the extent to which school activities contribute to a child's health symptoms.  For more information about the indoor air quality program, contact your school principal or the Buildings & Grounds department at 763-504-8138.