Health Forms

Health Forms

Robbinsdale Area Schools no longer sends medications home with students during the school year, including the last day of school. On the last day of school, students are only allowed to self-carry prescription asthma inhalers and non-syringe injectors of epinephrine home from school. 

Parents/Guardians are responsible for picking up all other student medications directly from the health office. Medications not picked up by the last day of school will be discarded as pharmaceutical waste. Only bring enough medication to last through the final day of school to prevent unnecessary disposal of student medication. This change aligns with the district medication policy and serves as an effort to increase student safety. To read the district medication policy, please click here

Students with permission to self-carry medication can continue to carry medication during the school day as in previous years. 


Medication Authorization at School
Anaphylaxis Action Plan
Asthma Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan and Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
Student Health Information Form (English)
Student Health Information Form (Spanish)
7th-8th Grade Nonprescription Pain Medication Authorization Form
9th-12th Grade Nonprescription Pain Medication Authorization Form