Meet Èowyn

Meet Èowyn
Posted on 02/16/2016

If you’ve purchased a mug from Dunn Brother’s Coffee in the last few years, you may have some of Èowyn Quaintance’s artwork in your home or office already.

You may have also seen this Plymouth Middle School sixth-grader’s work at the Uptown Art Fair, where she has showcased her paintings for two years, or at The People’s Gallery.

“I was really happy when I sold my first painting at the Uptown Art Fair,” she says.

Katie Bacon, an art teacher at Plymouth Middle School, says that Èowyn has a very creative approach to working on projects, and demonstrates great skills in composition.

“Her overall creativity and vision when it comes to producing artwork is really spectacular,” Bacon said.

Èowyn also works to create a better world for those who need help. She has volunteered with Kids Against Hunger, and has handed out bags to the homeless living in downtown Minneapolis. As someone who likes to build things and work with plants, Èowyn enjoyed working with Hammers of Hope, which helps people who need home repairs.

“We were helping this guy get his backyard ready for his daughter’s wedding, so we were getting a bunch of weeds out and planting things,” she says. “When we were done, it looked really good. I felt really happy when we finished.”

Looking to the future, Èowyn says she wants to be a musician, a writer or an artist. For now, she’s enjoying sixth grade, learning French and playing the viola in the All-District Orchestra.

Èowyn is Robbinsdale. At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we value the differences that make all of our students unique. We approach our work with individual focus on each and every student’s infinite potential.

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