Meet Rayna

Meet Rayna
Posted on 12/14/2015
Rayna Nisswandt, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students, likes the challenge of playing two musical instruments and singing in choir (but not at the same time, of course)

The Cooper High School junior plays trombone in Symphonic Band, sings alto in Concert Choir and also plays cello in the Philharmonic Orchestra. She recently did all three at the Annual Fall Festival at Orchestra Hall. The youngest of five, Rayna watched her siblings, also Cooper grads, perform during their time at the school. She has that passion, too.

“Performing music is like telling a story,” she says. “It’s about the emotions in the piece, and performing in front of an audience is really cool.”

Rayna is also in Jazz I and Chamber Strings at Cooper. She wants to continue playing in a jazz band when she is older, but says her dream is to have her own baked goods company. She even has a name picked out: “Rayna’s Bake Shop.”

For now, her days are filled with music. 

“Rayna has a lot of enthusiasm and dedication to all of her music classes,” says Emily Pflaum, director of the Philharmonic Orchestra. “She’s a very talented musician, and brings a lot to all of our ensembles.”

Rayna is Robbinsdale. At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we value the differences that make all of our students unique. We approach our work with individual focus on each and every student’s infinite potential. 

At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we invite all students to make their mark. Just like Rayna. We are Robbinsdale Remarkable. #RASRemarkable