Creative Play and Great Start Preschool Transportation

In order to ensure the safety of preschool students transported by bus, the following transportation changes have been made:

  • Children must wear bus tags with their name and correct drop-off information every day for the entire year. It is recommended that children wear a bus tag and have a copy of the tag attached to their backpack.
  • Preschool children are required to be seated in the front seats of the bus.
  • Preschool children must be met at the bus stop for both pick-up and drop-off by a designated adult.
  • The privilege to ride the bus will be jeopardized if the child does not have a designated adult meet them at the bus stop for both pick-up and drop-off. 
  • If there is no one at the bus stop, the driver keeps the student aboard and needs to make a second attempt to drop-off and will contact dispatch for further instructions.
  • If you live within the "walker boundaries," your child is a walker and is required to have an adult escort them to and from school. 
  • Preschool children must be picked up and dropped off at the same location every day.