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Robbinsdale Area Schools serves a diverse student population from a rich array of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  We are committed to ensuring an equitable and respectful educational experience for every student, focusing on strengths related to culture, ethnicity, first language, and national origin, among others.  

We expect high intellectual performance from all our students.  ELs, like all students, are expected to meet the rigorous challenges of state academic standards.  EL students are learning the language of English at the same time they are learning academic content and developing a full range of cognitive skills.  EL achievement is a shared responsibility with teachers collaborating to design effective instruction for language and literacy development across all content areas.  Teachers and administrators work together to engage parents in preparing students for success and to positively contribute to their community.

English Learner Programs Frequently Asked Questions
Programas de Estudiantes de inglés Preguntas frecuentes


Anh Tran
Multilingual Learning Program Director

El documento de preguntas frecuentes para estudiantes de inglés
El documento de preguntas frecuentes para estudiantes de inglés