Student Testimonials

I love taking AP classes. It gives me a chance to interact with other students of my ability who have an interest and want to be in the classes. I love the rigor of the classes (keeping in mind you have to find the right balance of how many AP classes work for you). I personally discovered that 3 is the right amount for me. It keeps me busy, but not too much so that I am unable to participate in my sport, music, church, and family activities. I love learning a lot and learning in depth and AP gives me just that. I had decent study skills beforehand, but after a couple years with AP classes I have developed better study habits and have learned what works for me. With taking the AP tests, I have hopefully earned some college credit, but that is not the main reason I have done these classes. Overall, I love the rigor and the intensity of AP classes and the students and teachers are a wonderful help in achieving what I want to get out of my AP classes.
-Kallie Doeden, class of 2009

I think there is much to be gained from the Advanced Placement Program. Whether it be exemptions from future introductory college courses, the rigor of college courses in a high school setting, or just being challenged academically, the AP Program offers benefits to everybody. For me, the AP Program allowed me to selectively challenge myself academically. It allowed me to take AP Chemistry my junior year, while still allowing me to take a high-school level world history course. I was able to enroll in college level courses and get future college credits while still being in high school for the whole day. The AP Program definitely contributed to my future success by allowing me to start college with sophomore standing, allowing me to graduate in less than 3 years.

- Vincent Thielke, class of 2008
During my four years at Armstrong High School, I took a variety of AP classes in the fields of science, math, social studies, and languages. I enjoyed the added challenge they brought to my academic life and the chance to explore certain subjects in more detail. I always imagined the primary advantage from taking these classes as scoring well on the AP tests and gaining college credit. However, it wasn’t until my first year at St. Olaf College that I truly realized how beneficial these rigorous high school courses had been in preparing me for success at the level of my college classes and ensuring that my academic transition into college was as smooth as possible. Taking such courses prior to attending college instilled me with a broad sense of knowledge in many topics and with excellent study skills that help me manage my time efficiently during stressful times.
- Anna Larson, class of 2006