Registration Information

Armstrong offers 19 AP courses. Most of these courses are self-select; however, students must complete an

AP Registration Form to enroll. Some courses require additional prerequisite coursework. 

The following courses require only an AP Registration Form to enroll: AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP U.S. History, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP Economics, AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Music Theory.

The following courses require an AP Registration Form and other course prerequisites (see the Armstrong Course Registration Guide for specific course prerequisites): AP Chemistry, AP Physics (calculus based), AP Physics (pre-calculus based), AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature. 

Please note: By registering for an AP course you and your student are acknowledging that you are aware of the standards and expectations below:
1. Once accepted into an AP course he/she will not be allowed to drop the class or to change levels of classes, unless there are mitigating circumstances
2. Not completing summer assignments is not a reason to drop the class.
3. You are aware of the rigor and work expectations that are involved in these COLLEGE LEVEL classes and agree to uphold the highest levels of academic integrity.
4. You have reviewed the information about each course regarding test scores, grades and best practice for AP courses. 


2016-2017 School Year Registration Timeline:

  • January 17: AP Information Night.
  • January 17: AP forms available.
  • January 24-26: Counselors meet with students in large groups to distribute registration information.
  • February 1-3: Students register for all 2017-18 courses, including AP.  
  • February 1-3: AP Registration forms must be turned in on the day of registration.

                    9th graders going into 10th - Feb. 1

                  10th graders going into 11th - Feb. 3

                  11th graders going into 12th - Feb. 2