Individual Healthcare Plans (IHPs)

Individual Health Care Plans (IHPs)

Increasing numbers of students attend school with health conditions that may affect their ability to attend and/or participate in classroom activities. The professional Licensed School Nurse (LSN) develops individual healthcare plans (IHPs) for students whose health care needs affect, or have the potential to affect, safe access to educational programming and academic performance.

An IHP is a written document that promotes communication and coordination of health care in the school setting. The IHP allows the school nurse to identify health care needs, provide documentation of the provision of health care and provides a plan to prevent potential emergencies. It is also used as an evaluation tool to monitor health outcomes.

Licensed School Nurses use their professional judgment to determine whether a student requires an IHP; not all students require one. IHPs are developed with the input of the student, family and licensed health care provider as appropriate.

IHPs are reviewed at least annually, or sooner, as dictated by changes to the student’s health status. For more information about parent/guardian rights under Section 504, please click here.