District Wellness Initiatives


District Wellness Initiatives 

Robbinsdale Area Schools is committed to the health and wellness of its students and staff. Towards that end, we continue to meet and exceed national requirements for healthy nutrition and physical activity. 

District Wellness Policy
District Child Nutrition
Active Classrooms & Recess

Healthy Celebrations
Robbinsdale Area Schools is committed to the health and wellness of its students. Birthday celebrations at school can provide a unique way to shift the focus from unhealthy foods (cake, candy, etc.) to celebrating the child. Schools do not allow edible birthday treats per the District Wellness Policy. To see the District Wellness Policy, please click here

Teachers have their own special way to recognize birthdays in school. However, if parents would like to acknowledge a child's birthday at school, they are encouraged to do so by:
  • Donating a book to the classroom library and/or having a family member bring and read a book to the class.
  • Bringing a t-shirt for classmates and teachers to sign.
  • Organizing a game or craft for the classroom.
  • Volunteering in the classroom.
  • Visiting the class and talking about how birthdays are celebrated in your homeland.
  • Sharing your favorite story/fable/myth from your culture.
  • Being creative -- come up with your own idea to celebrate at school without food (please talk with your child's teacher about your idea).

Thank you for supporting a healthy and safe school environment!