Transportation Services

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Welcome to Transportation Services

To contact our Transportation Department, email transportation@rdale.org or call
 763-504-8107 and press the following:

Option #1 - Late buses, missing articles, etc.

Option #2 - Routing Department

Option #3 - Special Education

To update your address information, please call the Enrollment Center at 763-504-8080.

Your child's day begins with his or her journey to school, and we are committed to providing a good, safe experience for those who ride the district school buses.  School bus schedule information is regularly mailed to families in the Robbinsdale Area School district before the first day of school.  Eligible students in grades K-12 receive a postcard with the student's bus number, pick-up location and pick-up/drop-off times.  If your child gets on a bus at a location other than his or her home address (such as a daycare location), you need to inform your student's  school so arrangements can be made for bus transportation. 

The district is responsible for students who are riding the bus.  If you do not receive a card in the mail before the first day of school, 1) you live within the walk zone of your attendance area school, 2) your child is attending a school in the district that is outside of your attendance area and is not a magnet school, or 3) you have a high school student who travels to and from school via independent means and you have opted out of district transportation.  Only students who are eligible for bus transportation to the school they are attending will be able to ride the bus to that school.

Bus transportation is provided for students enrolled in the Spanish Immersion Magnet programs at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School, Plymouth Middle School, at the School of Engineering and Arts at Olson Elementary and FAIR Crystal. This type of transportation is typically offered to district families whose students attend magnet schools in their district. 

Transportation information is also available on Infinite Campus. Click here to access or sign up for Infinite Campus.