Photo of students doing science work

Welcome to STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is addressed throughout each of the elementary schools in a wide variety of ways.  STEM is taught by meeting required state standards in each grade level. Minnesota is unique in its approach to both science and English language arts (ELA) state standards at the elementary level.  For science standards, engineering is embedded in grades 2 and 4. For ELA standards, technology is highlighted in each of the grade levels. Additionally, technology integration is a part of the Robbinsdale Area Elementary School students’ week during their Media instruction time.

School of Engineering and Arts (Magnet School)

Robbinsdale Area Schools does have a magnet STEAM (STEM+Arts) focused K-5 elementary school with the School of Engineering and Arts (SEA).  Information about SEA and their integrated approach to STEAM-focused instruction can be found on their website.

Robbinsdale Middle School (Magnet School)

All students in all three grade levels at Robbinsdale Middle School are enrolled in semester-long STEM Design courses through the Gateway To Technology curriculum. In 6th grade students take Design and Modelling, 7th-grade students take Science of Technology, and 8th-grade students take Automation and Robotics. Gateway to Technology (GTT) curriculum is the middle school level of the national pre-engineering program Project Lead the Way. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a national program for high school students and is available at both Robbinsdale Armstrong and Robbinsdale Cooper. Teachers are extensively trained by Project Lead the Way prior to teaching any GTT or PLTW classes, and are updated through professional development regularly.