School Board Message

A Message from the School Board of Robbinsdale Area Schools
Posted on 03/17/2020
March 17, 2020

Dear Robbinsdale Area Schools Family,

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for everything you do for the Robbinsdale Area School District.

We are incredibly fortunate to have exceptional teachers, administrators, and staff in place to guide our students and families through and beyond these challenging times. We would like to sincerely thank:

-- The custodial staff on the front lines who are working diligently to sanitize our buildings.

-- The nutritional staff who are developing plans to continue to provide breakfast and lunch for our students.

-- The Adventure Club team who are coordinating child care so quickly.

-- The building leadership and their administrative teams at each school who are coordinating local efforts in their buildings.

-- The Superintendent, Cabinet, and Union leadership who are coming together to take decisive action in coordinating the broad efforts across the district in an unprecedented time.

-- The teachers and paraprofessionals who are using these days to be creative in developing distance learning plans. These innovative and engaging plans will ensure learning will continue for all students as we return in some fashion on March 30th.

We are Minnesotans, but more importantly, we are Robbinsdale, and we come together in moments of challenge and moments of triumph, and we persevere. The incredible efforts underway to keep us all safe, fed, and protected, all while developing plans to educate the children in new ways, are monumental. Community members volunteering and assisting where they can is unprecedented and heartwarming. At this time, one can't help but turn to a memory of the late Mr. Rogers when he recalled a time in his youth when he was scared of all the things he was hearing in the news and was comforted by his mother when she said, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Our buildings are full of helpers, and you are so very much appreciated!

Robbinsdale Area Schools is a remarkable place because of ALL of you. We recognize and appreciate the unwavering commitment to our school community that places the education and well-being of our students front and center. Today is no different. We see you working non-stop to provide a continued outstanding educational experience for every student, and we are so grateful. We are committed to providing you the support and space you need to navigate the challenging weeks ahead.

Thank you for your perseverance, patience, resilience, and hard work, and PLEASE remember to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe.


The Robbinsdale Area School Board
David Boone, chair
Helen Bassett, vice chair
Pam Lindberg, clerk
Sherry Tyrrell, treasurer
Mike Herring
Sam Sant
John Vento