Armstrong Student Starts Fundraiser for Australia

Armstrong Student Starts Fundraiser for Australia
Posted on 03/02/2020
Sierra McCoy, Armstrong seniorSierra McCoy, a senior at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, has always been passionate about environmental issues and animal welfare. After seeing coverage of bushfires in Australia and hearing about the devastation from her father, a proud Australian, she knew she had to get involved. She made the decision to start a fundraising campaign and named her project “Quarters for Koalas,” inspired by Pennies for Patients.

Sierra researched the fires, their causes, the impact and what could be done to help. Sierra made the decision to donate the proceeds of the fundraiser to WIRES, an organization which she had donated to in the past. “I’m very passionate about environmental issues and have a deep love for animals,” Sierra said. “These issues, combined with concern for my father’s home-country, pushed me to take action. Just letting it happen wasn’t an option for me,” she continued.

Before the fundraiser officially began, Sierra brought a decorated bucket to an Australian New Zealand American Association (ANZAA) event on Australia Day and received $128.39 in donations. Sierra set up a website to spread the word about the fundraiser and educate others about the WIRES organization. Next, with support from students and staff, she began to promote the fundraiser within Robbinsdale Area Schools. Sierra coordinated with Armstrong High School, Cooper High School and Zachary Lane Elementary to support the fundraiser.

National Honor Society students at Armstrong High School signed up to staff tables in the front foyer before school and outside the cafeteria during lunches to participate in fundraising efforts. Members of Cooper High School's Student Council volunteered to staff collection tables before school and Student Council members from Zachary Lane Elementary collected donations during lunch periods. Adventure Club, a school-age care program within Robbinsdale Area Schools, also participated. This gave students enrolled in Adventure Club in Plymouth the opportunity to donate to the cause during Kindness Week. Altogether, the fundraiser raised a total of $1,264.29.