Activity and Athletic Calendars for Mobile Devices

(Please note: our athletic/activity calendar shows EVERY athletic and activity on the schedule. So, if you want only one sport of activity calendar synced to your phone, we HIGHLY recommend going to each school's activity and athletics calendar (links below) and following the brief instructions below to generate the iCal or Google Calendar links you'll need. Use a desktop to do this if possible.)

Armstrong High School Activity and Athletics calendar

Cooper High School Activity and Athletics Calendar

- Click on the link above for the school you or your student attends.

- On this page, click on "Advanced View Report" (it's on the right side of the screen under the small calendar and icons). 

- There is a list of activities and sports on the left side of the page. Select the sport or activity you need a calendar for (We recommend doing this one sport/activity at a time). 

- At the bottom of the page, under " Choose a Time Period:": make sure that the "This School Year" box is selected. 

- Click on "Generate Report."

- A calendar window will pop up. In the top right corner, click on the "Subscribe" button.

- Click on the "iCal" (for iOS) or "Google Calendar" options to generate the web links you'll need to add the calendar to your computer/device.