Elementary STEM Program

Welcome to the Elementary STEM Program.

Science will be addressed on a spectrum of direct instruction, helping to build foundational knowledge, to open inquiry, promoting our students’ natural sense of wonder. Science will be a part of everyday learning occurring both in and outside the classroom. Topics of study will include circuits and magnets, electricity and energy, balance and motion, levers and pulleys, plants and animals, states of matter, natural and built systems, weather and seasons, and phenology,

Technology will be used as a tool and medium in which to consume and produce information. Multiple forms including hardware (computers, laptops, iPads, iPods, cameras, etc.), software (web-based programs, apps, etc.) and programming (Legos, Scratch, etc.) will be used as often as possible in as many ways as possible throughout the students’ day.

Engineering will be promoted as both design and invention. We will be using engineering as a verb where action is required. The Engineering Design Model will be utilized to engage students in cross-curricular investigations promoting creativity, thoughtful planning, critical conversations, mistakes, and ‘almost final’ products.

Math, like science, will be delivered on a spectrum of direct instruction, helping to build foundational knowledge, to open inquiry, allowing for practical, authentic application of mathematical concepts.  Students will come to realize that math is the language spoken when conducting science, technology, engineering or art investigations.

Arts (an integral part of the STEAM philosophy at the School of Engineering and Arts at Olson Elementary) will be embedded in all aspects of the students’ day. Whether through the design process, observation, offering and receiving critiques, or just plain creating, our students’ work will be reflective of multiple forms of art. These forms include digital media art, drawing, architecture, sculpting, graphic design, and visual art.