Equity Mission, Vision and Goals

Equity Mission

The mission of Robbinsdale Area Schools is to inspire and educate all learners to discover their potential and positively contribute to their community.

This mission leads to the following goals:
  1. Enrich and accelerate academic achievement
  2. Provide high quality, engaging teaching and challenges every student
  3. Cultivate learning environments characterized by mutual respect and personal responsibility
  4. Strengthen relationships among students, staff, families and community members
  5. Maximize resources and demonstrate financial accountability
Robbinsdale Area Schools' District Equity Transformation Framework is designed to address issues of race and equity throughout the district in order to build an institution free of institutional racism and inequities.

Evidence that the plan is working will be based on four key variables that directly relate to the board of education goals:
  1. Academic success, as measured by data related to current achievement gap and other data elements.
  2. Sense of belonging, as measured by the district student opinion survey and other data elements.
  3. Access to and participation in rigorous course/programs and co- and extra-curricular programs, as measured by demographic participation data and other data elements.
  4. Institutional practices free of disparate impact on specific groups of people as measured by needs assessment and evaluation data collected by equity teams and the research, evaluation and assessment department.
Equity Vision

The Equity Vision for Robbinsdale Area Schools is that:
  1. Children of diverse race, culture and income succeed in school and achieve at high levels.
  2. School and classroom climate is improved for all students and staff.
Equity Goals
The Equity Goals of Robbinsdale Area Schools are:
  1. Increase Cultural Understanding
  2. Culturally Competent Teachers & Multicultural Curriculum
  3. Equity in Access & Opportunity
  4. Increased Staff Diversity, Modeling & Mentoring
  5. Increased Parental Involvement & Empowerment
  6. Community Understanding & Support